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 The purpose of this page is for Educational, FFA, and SAE Resources during our time of social distancing.  If you wish to share/add resources to this page please contact Stena.Meadows@tn.gov or call 423-414-8669.

Tennessee Best For All Central

 This is a Tennessee-specific CTE materials database for teachers. There are lesson plans and other helpful materials on the site for agriculture education and FFA.

Minnesota Team Ag Ed Google Drive
Minnesota Team Ag Ed and teachers across the state and country have come together to put resources into one place and organized by AFNR career pathway. Resources found on the Ag Ed Discussion Lab and other sites are also added as they are available. 

Think, Teach, Do - Ag Safety
Agriculture Education Resources from UMASH

Safety in Agriculture for Youth
Safety in Agriculture for Youth (SAY) is a grant project funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Institute of Food and Agriculture to develop a sustainable and accessible national clearinghouse for agricultural safety and health curriculum for youth.

Culver's FFA Essay Contest
Enter the FFA Essay Contest and Tell Us About a Woman that Inspired You!

Global Education Lab
Educational Materials and Videos from Global Education Lab

Purdue Ag Ed Online Learning Modules
Agriculture Learning Resources from Purdue University Agricultural Sciences Education & Communication

One Less Thing
 Free resources for agriculture education that take the stress out of remote teaching from OneLessThing.com

Online Ag Ed/FFA Resources
collection of shared resources for the online delivery of Ag Education from Multiple States

University of Florida Online Ag Ed Resources
As schools shift to an online method of teaching during the COVID-19 changes, the UF/IFAS Department of Agricultural Education and Communication wanted to provide resources for agriculture teachers who want support in creating variation in their online lessons. 

NAAE Communities of Practice
A site where agriculture teachers from across the country can share resources related to curriculum, classroom management, FFA, and more. 

Educator Dashboard from National FFA
Educator Resources is full of unique, free content to boost learning about FFA and agriculture either online or in print.

SAE for All
Educator and Student Resources for all things SAE!

Curriculum from Georgia Ag Ed
Georgia Agricultural Education is dedicated to providing quality agricultural education resources and education to each student for Curriculum resources and SAE Development.

Free Trial for AgEdNet.com
With many schools suspending classes in response to the COVID-19 situation, we know that many will most likely be scrambling for online and remote resources for your students. We can only imagine how stressful this must be. We want to help you and all students any way we can.
To provide support during this difficult time we will provide full access to AgEdNet.com to all agriculture programs across United States. We will provide this free access through Thursday, April 30.

Free Trial of ICEV
ICEV offers many resources to help schools transition to distance learning when the need arises. Because the iCEV curriculum platform is cloud-based, you can easily assign multimedia presentations, interactive coursework and assessments which your students can access from any device with internet capabilities.

Resources from National FFA

  1. Official FFA Student Handbook
    You can now access an online version of the Official FFA Student Handbook free through the end of June. The handbook in flipbook format is available alongside digital editions of our FFA New Horizons magazines. The handbook is also available as a PDF download. We hope our turnkey student handbook lesson plans, along with free access to the handbook will be helpful in your remote teaching efforts.  

  2. Updated Educator Resources on FFA.org
    Numerous resources exist on the Educator Resources page of FFA.org for online or extended learning. We’ve established a table of contents document with a description of some of the most popular and new resources found in Educator Resources – including an easy reference to which resources can be used online or offline.

  3. Minecraft Education
    Microsoft is offering free resources through the end of June within Minecraft Education with lessons that are specific to agriculture and sorted by the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Pathways. Check out the Report Learning Kit to better understand how you can use this and Minecraft Education lessons and activities for learning.

  4. AgExplorer Virtual Field Trips
    In the past few years, we’ve made virtual field trips with AgExplorer to major agriculture companies all around the United States. Student handouts are available to accompany these learning opportunities – and they’re specifically designed so you can add them to learning management systems or other e-learning platforms.
  5. Living to Serve Day of Service Mini-Grants – Always Open

   What needs in your community could your FFA chapter address with a $400 Day of Service Mini-Grant? Middle school, high school and alumni chapters can apply       today at FFA.org/LivingToServe/Grants. Applications are reviewed on the first day of every month with award notification by the 15th.



National FFA Resources for Teachers East TN FFA Admin 3/20/2020 10269 KB
Official FFA Handbook East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 7110 KB
FFA Student Handbook East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 7968 KB
Basic Parliamentary Procedure Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 458 KB
CDE/LDE Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 566 KB
Ag Literacy Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 579 KB
FFA Arsenal of Quotes East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 445 KB
Community Service Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 747 KB
Essentials of a Successful Chapter Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 749 KB
FFA Creed East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 8463 KB
FFA Degrees Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 735 KB
FFA Meetings Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 466 KB
Free Resources Guide East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 861 KB
How to Log on to ffa.org East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 236 KB
Personal Action Plan Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 1071 KB
Relationship Building Lesson East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 469 KB
SAE Idea Cards East TN FFA Admin 3/19/2020 15851 KB
Animal Science Distance Learning Activity Grid East TN FFA Admin 3/23/2020 19 KB
Veterinary Science Activity Guide #1 East TN FFA Admin 3/23/2020 19 KB
Veterinary Science Activity Guide #2 East TN FFA Admin 3/23/2020 19 KB



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